Who we are?

EMEK Marble is one of the largest and oldest marble – travertine manufacturer and exporter in Turkey

Located on Iscehisar district of Afyonkarahisar / Turkey, where the heart of marble and travertine pulses, EMEK Marble is one of the largest and oldest marble – travertine manufacturer and exporter in Turkey and has been operating in Marble and Natural Stones production since 1970 as a family owned company.

One of our factory is located in Denizli city by quarry while the head quarter is located in Afyonkarahisar city. Our company consists of two plants one of them which has an outdoor area of 50.000m2 and indoor area of 10.000m2 while the other has 3.000m2 outdoor and 2000m2 indoor areas. The annual capacity of the plants in total is 75.000m3 crude block and 1.000.000m2 finished products. Our target production is 2.000.000m2 finished products. At the same time, we have ateliers who are talented workers on their business for long life experience.

We are proud of providing the best quality service to customers with high technology.

Appreciated by all over the world, our products are presented to domestic and foreign customer with highest quality. Gained popularity creating antique atmosphere with their aesthetic and decorative appearance products have been exported to a number of countries, mainly the EU member countries and the U.S.A. for over 20 years. We export nearly 95% of our products to abroad.

At the moment, we have four travertine quarries “Denizli Classic Travertine, Emirdag Silver Travertine, Antalya Noce Travertine, Manisa Capadocia Travertine” and two beige marble quarries, “Amore Botticino Marble and Amore Grey Marble“


Science and technology with the power of our mineral that provides the most efficient use to be one of the leading companies in the sector.


International natural stone sector clients of the platform family to perpetuate the satisfaction of its employees and all stakeholders.

Quality Policy
  • To present more attractive and pleased solutions than day by day and the previous day in the natural stone sector.
  • To supply to expand quality concept in our all the business, and to make feel this expansion to our customers.
  • To focus on customer pleasure with our process deriving data and improved constantly.
  • To follow an active, rational and observable route map in this direction, in the route of accession to our aims.
  • To guarantee the development of our all the shop floors and the constant of the development.
  • To install mutual improvement with our an interactive network : To maintain our relationships with win win philosophy.
  • To develop rational, practicable and scientific ideas for the best and more active and constant improvement.
  • To adopt a nature-friendly organization and a responsible understanding for environment.
Environmental Policy
  • Developing the employees via giving education them about environment knowledge.
  • Making efficient use of natural resources via reducing waste production as much as possible.
  • Providing necessary labor, technology and financial resources to reducing our affect on environment.
  • Creating solutions to environment problems, closely following innovative movements, research and development works about environment.
  • Saving and efficiently using natural resources, and reducing use of natural resources.
  • We are working to reduce our important affects on environment as much as possible while operating.
  • Providing advanced emergency management and environmental risk management.
  • Fulfilling every necessary environmental regulations, preventing defiling environment and developing environmental performance continuously.
Our core Values
  • Reliability
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Respect and tolerance
  • Justice
  • Transparency
  • Fast and reliable work environment
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